Child Friendly

Unlike many childcare facilities, The Harmony School is housed in a single-use, stand alone building. Our school has a large backyard playground with a covered porch so that we are able to extend the curriculum out of doors. This also allows us to take the children outside for fresh air even on days when it may be raining or snowing. Being located within Princeton Forrestal Village allows us to take the children out for daily walks in the neighborhood.

Peace of Mind

  • Half doors on all child bathrooms, so that children and staff are never behind a fully closed door.
  • Glass walls in the hallways so that parents, visitors and staff can see everything going on inside a classroom at a glance.
  • Harmony is peanut free! Many children have peanut allergies and keeping them safe means keeping peanuts out of the building.
  • Our video free policy recognizes that we are a professional environment; parents invest in their child’s education, not to have them watch television.
  • Parents who choose to can have their children included on our Facebook page so that they can see their children participating in various activities throughout the day! No children’s names are ever used, photos are arranged by classroom or teacher name only.


  • Our building meets the most modern standards for child safety.
  • Video cameras in each classroom with monitors in the lobby.
  • Our building features secure entrances requiring key fobs.
  • Receptionist in the lobby during all hours of operation
  • Telephones are always answered by a staff member, not voicemail or answering machine.
  • Each class is required to practice fire drill and emergency safety procedures on a monthly basis.