Employee Spotlight

Meryl Krotowski is celebrating her first anniversary as part of the team at Harmony Princeton! Initially, Meryl worked on the Infant team, but she moved to the pre-K team this fall. She says that her favorite aspect of working with infants was how their faces lit up with a smile when she entered the room, and how quickly they acquired essential new skills. Now that she is in pre-K, she loves having detailed conversations with four year olds, and how enthusiastically they sing along to a growing repetoire of songs. Meryl has a bachelor's degree from Rider University and a master's degree from Seton Hall. She worked during her college and graduate schools in several child care programs before coming to Harmony. Her favorite foods are pasta and grapes (not together!), her favorite color is purple, and she loves vacationing in Bethany Beach, Delaware. Meryl is an enthusiastic supporter of all of Harmony's community service projects, and was joined by her boyfriend, Lou, on our 5K "Walk for Babies" in April!

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Kindergarten 2015

Harmony’s Princeton location is holding an information session for anyone interested in learning about our Kindergarten program for September of 2015! The meeting will be on Wednesday, November 5th at 5 PM (at Harmony’s Princeton location). Parents of Harmony’s kindergarten’s students will be entitled to Harmony’s full range of hours (7AM-7PM), while enjoying the benefit of a small group setting … Read more


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