Planting The Seed For Their Dreams To Grow

There’s something magical about the dreams of children. They’re innocent. Insightful. Uninhibited. And if nurtured properly, those dreams can come true.

At the Harmony Schools, we protect the dreams of children. We encourage their creation, support their formation and celebrate their realization.

We see dreams as individual potential, and do whatever we can to make the most out of what children believe they can do. And we do it in an atmosphere that’s warm, safe and above all, supportive. Because all a little dream needs to grow is the right environment.

Program Overview & Schedule

Harmony offers 2, 3, and 5 day programs for children from infancy through pre-kindergarten. We also offer a 5 full day kindergarten program. Our 3 day schedule is offered on Monday through Wednesday and our 2 day schedule is available Thursday and Friday.

Our hours of operation are 7AM-7PM, with limited school closings – only major legal holidays; no week long closures. Two or three snacks are included in tuition (depending on the length of the child’s day with us). Diapers and wipes are also included in the cost of tuition for children who are not yet potty-trained.


Quality You Can Trust

The Harmony School has been awarded with National Accreditation status from NECPA. NECPA accreditation is reserved for exceptional early childhood programs that substantially exceed minimum state licensing requirements. Parents seeking care and education for their young children can use national accreditation as a means of locating the highest quality programs.

This accreditation follows a rigorous process of self-study, surveys of parents and staff, verification by early childhood education/child care professionals, and a final review by the NECPA Board of Commissioners. During the accreditation process all areas of the school’s program are scrutinized including administration, staff development, the developmental program, outdoor and indoor environments, health and safety, and parent and community relations.