The age ranges in our toddler room vary – children can be as young as 18 months and stay until they are almost 3 if this is the best placement for their development. If there is a concentration of children in the younger age range, the ratio is 1:5, it can be 1:6 if children are more mature. The curriculum and schedule are similar to that of a young preschool classroom at Harmony, but activities are shorter and simpler to meet a toddler’s attention span. They are introduced to letter, number, color and shape recognition through their activities and play. The 21st century toddler who has begun to talk often knows how to say the words that represent these concepts, but we help them to realize what the words mean. Outside time twice daily is very popular for not just physical development, but creativity too. Potty training is coordinated between school and home when children show signs of control and interest during their time in the toddler room.