In our infant classrooms, we follow parent preferences when it comes to each babies feeding and sleeping schedule. The ratio of teachers to babies is 1:3, and each baby is assigned to a primary caregiver in order to offer the most personalized service and to ensure that your desired routine is consistently followed. Our caregivers plan developmentally appropriate activities on a daily basis based upon the child’s age and developmental process. Music and movement, story, and circle time are all a part of each day, even with our infants! We also plan small group activities, including art projects and opportunities for various types of sensory exploration for babies who are mature enough to participate. Of course, sanitation is of the utmost importance with this age group since a baby's instinct is to explore everything by putting it in their mouth. Our caregivers follow a vigorous process of sanitizing toys and strollers and cleaning all surfaces in the classroom throughout the course of each day to ensure that we keep the environment clean and healthy for our families.