Meals at Harmony

Harmony has partnered with Smart Lunches Jr. to provide meals for those families who would like to purchase a school lunch. Smart Lunches Jr. works with nutritionists to create large and varied healthy lunch menus, featuring both hot and cold main dishes, as well as several options for sides. All of the recipes are 100% nut-free in keeping with Harmony's nut-free policies, and parents have the option to filter menus to cater to their child's allergies or dietary restrictions if necessary. Ordering lunches is done through the Smart Lunches Jr. website, and lunch can be ordered as frequently or infrequently as you choose. Parents also have the option of providing lunches from home if they would prefer not to order a school lunch. 

Additionally, Harmony provides three snacks each day for children aged toddler and above. Snacks are not an additional fee, they are included in the cost of tuition. Snacks vary throughout the course of each day, but options include fresh, seasonal fruit, organic yogurt, applesauce, cheese, and whole grain goldfish, pretzels and crackers. 


Forms and Paperwork

If you’re going to be heading to the pediatrician for a check up this month, be sure to have them fill out an updated copy of the Universal Health Form. And please remember, Harmony needs an updated copy of your child's immunization records every time they receive a new vaccination, so don't forget to ask for a copy of that at your visit as well. 

Universal Health Form

Daily Medicine Form

Emergency Card Change Form 

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