About Harmony


Curriculum and Developmental Philosophy

Our curriculum is based on a developmental philosophy, meaning that children are unique and develop at their own pace when in a supportive, enriched environment. Children are grouped chronologically to mirror the experience they will have when they enter private or public elementary school programs. The day is a combination of child directed and teacher directed activities.

Classrooms are arranged in learning centers, so that children can select from a range of areas in which to work and play – science, building blocks and trucks (math), art (pre-writing and small muscle development), housekeeping and dress up (social development and imagination), computers, library and table toys/puzzles.

At other times of the day, teachers ask the children to follow directions, such as cleaning up, washing hands for snack or after toileting, getting coats, hats and mittens on to play out of doors, coming to circle to hear story or share show and tell, or to sing and dance together. (Yes, we love music at Harmony; you can tell by our name!)

These routines are the building blocks for learning and success in future years.


Our Mission Statement

The mission of The Harmony Schools, Inc. is to provide high quality, comprehensive early childhood programs for children, resulting in peace of mind and satisfaction for their parents. We foster independent, cognitive and emotional growth for each child by creating nurturing learning environments.

Our program offers a developmental curriculum implemented by dedicated professionals in chronologically age-based classrooms, enhanced by the latest materials and technology. The vehicle for shaping this environment is a participative management team, sensitive to best practices in early childhood research and business.

Our focus has always been, and continues to be, an awareness of the Harmony of relationships that are at the center of a superior early childhood program – the Child, the Parent, and the School. Symbolic of our forward thinking, the original 3-part Harmony now recognizes a 4th voice, the business community.

Our goal is controlled growth through continued excellence in education, business, and human development with respect for the diverse world that our children will inherit.